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''If you said that the Ground slipped Beneath, Why didn't you take Shelter in the seas ?'
                                                                                                                                            - Ananya


' You'll find ways, 
                          make mistakes,
                                                    and know who you are'
                                                                                                  - Ananya

Hi Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Poetic Ways !

My name is Ananya and Poetry is my go to escapes or perhaps I find it great to talk to the pages. I am not strictly a reader but I believe writing poems resonates with my thoughts. It’s like turning world into words.

So, I have put out the poetic ways with an aim of sharing experiences, perspectives and obviously some cliches.

As you read you will find some long pieces and some short ones too. At times you may feel that the Title was a bit too heavy for the actual poem. But they have been so to sum up or begin with it. If you have better suggestions do share it’ll be great to learn. If you want an explanation to some verse do ask. Also, I would be delighted to know if it relates to you or what’s your perspective or feeling as you read on so do put a feedback on

Keep visiting, as I will regularly introduce new works.

In case you find a plagiarism kindly inform, I will surely resolve to originality, cause that is what will allow an evolved poetry.

Thank you