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''If you said that the Ground slipped Beneath, Why didn't you take Shelter in the seas ?'
                                                                                                                                            - Ananya

Are we ?

The heart beats faster
As the time comes closer
And cosmos hover over
We’ll find our ways
Make mistakes
And know who we are
Are we reckless or careful
Loving or hateful
Honest or cheater
winner or loser
In all we are the chooser
braved or feared
laughter or a tear
real or fake
Putting all at stakes
happy or sorrowed
afraid of tomorrows
If ground
slips beneath your feet
take shelter in the seas.
Are we Friend or a foe ?
We say let’s go
Be free
jealous or joyful
Hidden or known
wicked or innocent
broken or fine
Lost in time
shattered or gathered
forgiving or fighting
Forgetful or a memory
Looking for itinerary
Well can’t say much it’s all within
A storm of emotions or nothing
We can be anything
Just by believing and working
In the way, we wanna be…..

– Ananya