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''If you said that the Ground slipped Beneath, Why didn't you take Shelter in the seas ?'
                                                                                                                                            - Ananya

I’ll Be There

I know that there is a lot dug deep

But I may never know

Oh I did see you smile 

But it wasn’t true to my eyes 

I wish I could feel  

So that I could heal 

What hurts you the most

Is It the words

Or this crooked world

I hope to keep you safe 

So that your fears escape 

Well you may fly 

I will be there to hold on

You should take the leap

And I’ll cushion it up

Cause I’ll be there 

To make sure you’re strong 

I’ll be there to hold on

No matter what

I’ll trust in every road 

Be darkness or sunrise afloat

Cause I have seen you through

You hope pretty hues

And conceal your blues

To put on the grace 

But to me it doesn’t erase 

What you’ve been hiding 

You shall try

And I’ll take your pains

All your fails 

I’ll stand by your side 

Even when it’s down upside

To make you feel fine

I’ll be there to hold on

What do stay cold for 


I know you are the star 

So you’ll burn to shine 

I’ll take your heat 

And make it lost in time

Cause I’ll be there to hold on

I’ll stand right behind

When you fall

Look high

I’ll watch your way 

So run 

So get your wings goin 

And win all you want 

Cause I’ll be there to hold on

Your tears, pains, struggles, times insane

As you go away …. Away

– Ananya