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''If you said that the Ground slipped Beneath, Why didn't you take Shelter in the seas ?'
                                                                                                                                            - Ananya


All the toys and dolls and stuff 
Everything I loved too much 
Seems vague today 
Beautiful memories now bring pain
Why aren’t things the same 
As this time passed by 
All I see is a photo frame of us smiling 
all I have is “the time” to blame 
And the mirror doesn’t look mine at all
I heard some music 
But I couldn’t stand the nostalgia 
It evoked, So I stopped 
I didn’t want anything else 
Let me live in the moment 
The school and friends seemed life 
and everything was nice in the end 
We all have to pay the price 
There are unfallen drops in the eyes 
Swallowed words and the tries never made.
Unseen scars are afraid 
I wish I was lost in time back then 
Yesterday we looked to the future
Today we peek in the past 
Tomorrow only memories will last 
Of what we did in life….
The memories ain’t in oblivion 
They’re the minds creation 
So they stay there, If you remember 
I never learnt to fight, for all I wanted 
I sang let it go, it was better as “Don’t let go”
I think, Now I fear happiness 
I better be serious for what lies 
On this path of life as I walk away…. Away 

– Ananya