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''If you said that the Ground slipped Beneath, Why didn't you take Shelter in the seas ?'
                                                                                                                                            - Ananya

When the Night Woke me

‘Sometimes the nights awake me 

Not the sun

The future haunts me not the fears 

There are monsters in the mind 

That wont let it rest

The worries cloud the thoughts 

The clear picture becomes faded 

And mistakes seem shaded 

Cause the nights woke me 

Not the sun

I summarise all that didn’t go the way

And lament what I didn’t but I had to say and do

Mourn the gone dreams 

And wonder am I not tired enough 

To silent the mind in dark 

But it’s got more to ponder on 

Than to prepare for 

For the wake of the sun

For more hopes to come

Cause when the nights woke me 

I could hear the howls 

Of the crafted hopes 

That didn’t cope

I could see the moon as the only light 

That too disappeared on a moonless night 

But always are  the stars to guide 

Cause when nights woke me 

I saw the shadows leave 

Felt the silence of the seas 

And the loneliness of the solitary reaper 

I thought over and tossed 

As the mind couldn’t stop

Reminding me of what I forgot 

As slept to enter the dawn 

Did it expect me to complete what I had not ?

Cause when the nights woke me 

Was I supposed to built Rome over night?

Or make strategy for the fight 

That awaited the light 

Cause when the nights woke me 

With a thoughtful mind 

I believed to work on dreams 

Than to close eyes to a nightmare moon

Did it save me soon ?

Cause when the nights wake me 

Should I search answer in dark 

And find the spark 

Should I talk to ghosts 

To know the most 

Or walk the empty roads 

To find the unknown coast

Cause when the nights woke me 

I felt free …..  ‘

– Ananya